Retreat FAQs

Can I Attend By Myself?

Of course!! As a matter of fact, we encourage it. More so if you’re a little bit nervous about it. Yoga retreats are transformational only if we allow ourselves to leave the comfort zone. The majority of our retreat attendees come as singles, and leave with a group of new best friends. You’ll feel right at home on retreat, we promise you. 

Can I Share a Room with my Friend/Boyfriend/Spouse/mother?

Availability permitting, we’ll place you together if you request to room together. Couples always room together. If you’re booking separately, contact us to let us know who your desired roomie is.

Will I be the oldest one there?

You’re not too old for adventure travel if that’s what you’re asking. Our typical retreat attendee is between the ages of 35 and 75. Yes, it’s a range and we’re frequently complemented on our ability to offer value to all ages, body types and a wide range of distracted minds. If the trip looks like fun, book it!

What’s included?

Nothing worse than an adventure retreat that asks you to pay extra for the adventures. At Baja Surf Yoga, our all-inclusive retreats mean you don’t have to worry about a thing from the moment we pick you up at the airport, to the moment we take you back. “Extras” that you might want cash for include alcoholic beverages, extra snacks or meals outside the three provided, souvenirs, spa services when available, or additional tips (although we always tip for you).

What if I have to cancel my trip?

We highly suggest you purchase travel insurance. Always. Find the best rates here. Each Baja Surf Yoga Retreat has a specific cancelation policy which you can read about on our tiny print page.

Yoga FAQs

What Type of Yoga Do You Teach?

The details of each retreat depend on the theme and your retreat leaders. See the particular retreat description, or the retreat leaders page for more information. That said, we generally begin each day with a dynamic vinyasa flow based upon the alignment principles of Ashtanga and Hatha. Afternoon and evening practices incorporate Yin and Restorative elements. Your retreat may include small group workshops or mini-private sessions.

Do I Need to Be Good at Yoga?

No and yes. To be good at yoga is subjective, and we’re all here to learn. We’ve had beginner yogis on each of our retreats to date. You do need to have an interest in yoga, as yoga will be the principal focus of your retreat. To maximize the benefit of a yoga retreat, we recommend at least one year of consistent studio practice prior to attending a retreat.

Will You Have Yoga Mats and Props?

Yes. But if it’s not too much space and trouble, we suggest you bring your favorite mat on retreat with you. With a minimum twice daily classes, you’ll be much more comfortable with a quality mat that you’re familiar with. That said, if you’re coming from afar and just don’t have the space, we suggest a foldable travel mat to place on top of your borrowed mat.

Surf FAQs

What If I Can’t Surf?

Do you want to learn? Our Surf & Yoga retreats are suitable for all levels of surf, and the majority of our retreat participants have never set foot on a surfboard. We partner with the best surf schools in Baja and beyond and you’ll have a well-trained instructor showing you the ropes. For more on what to expect when learning to surf, check out this quick read.

What if I don’t want to surf?

We first suggest you try it. To learn something new, especially as an adult, is a rare, humbling and eye opening experience. Like all experiences, it has potential to deepen your awareness and lead to your awakening. If you absolutely do not want to learn to surf, choose a retreat without surfing. Honestly. Read more about why we say that.

Mexico FAQs

Isn’t Mexico Dangerous?

Sigh. We didn’t want to bother with this one, but we’ve found for US citizens, it’s an actual FAQ. While you may have heard there is a US travel advisory to “Mexico,” the areas under advisory are far from Baja. In simplistic terms, this would be like foregoing a trip to San Diego due to gang-related activity in Chicago. In practical terms, our retreat leaders and attendees have been traveling to Baja for over twenty years, some live in Baja part time, others full time, and we have always felt safe. We find the Mexican culture to be nothing but warm, friendly and inviting, and it’s why we focus on Baja as our primary destination.

Do I Need a Passport for Baja?

Unless you are a Mexican citizen, you need a passport to visit Baja. Your passport must be valid for at least six months from date of entry, so double-check the expiration date. As if retreat isn’t enough, here are three good reasons to always have your passport ready.