Casie Hall 

Teaching yoga is the realization of a long-time dream for Casie. Marrying her love of yoga with her profession of teaching has allowed her to be of service to others and create community while still being available for her family. 

Casie began practicing yoga after college as a way to stay active when her collegiate track and field career ended. She soon found that yoga is much more than a workout and it became a permanent fixture in her life.

In 2009, Casie took a break from many years of teaching in a traditional classroom setting (middle and high school History and English),  to raise her two young daughters and help her husband, Taylor Hall, open Apis Restaurant. During this time, she began to teach yoga to her friends and family, and thus realized her calling.

Casie earned her Yoga Alliance Certification in May 2016. Though somewhat new to teaching yoga, Casie combines her years of classroom teaching experience, with her years as a collegiate athlete who understands anatomy and body dynamics to create mindfully sequenced classes that offer the right mix of challenge and relaxation for her students. As a perpetual yoga student herself, she knows learning never ends and is constantly seeking knowledge and growth.

Casie is the owner of Nectar Flow Yoga and will be co-teaching both our January 2019 retreats. 

Sara-Mai Conway 

Sara-Mai Conway has been coaching athletes of all ages and abilities for 20 years now; from rowing, to cycling, to group-fitness and of course, yoga. After a successful career coaching NCAA Division I rowing, Sara-Mai found yoga in 2006 when looking for new ways to cross train for her own competitive rowing career. She was immediately impressed by the athleticism and physical challenge of the practice. Years later, it is the spiritual side of the practice that keeps yoga part of her daily regimen. Sara-Mai's classes are informed by her athleticism as well as her studies in Tibetan Buddhism. She believes yoga is the key to finding both your inner athlete, and your inner guru. It is through movement that we learn how to be still, and it's through stillness that we experience the true nature of our being. 

Sara-Mai completed a Masters Degree in Sport Management at the University of San Francisco in 2004 and is a 1999 graduate of Tufts University. She is 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified and has completed several hours of continuing education in meditation and yogic philosophy. Off the mat, she can be found adventuring between her homes in the Texas Hill Country, Southern Baja and beyond, with her husband and two dogs.

Sara-Mai is a yoga & meditation instructor with Baja Surf Yoga and will be co-teaching both the January 2019 retreats.