The Baja Surf Yoga Philosophy


Baja Surf Yoga was born out of a love for Baja Sur, Mexico and an attraction to the wealth of knowledge that inner inquiry from travel, yoga, and surfing provides.

At Baja Surf Yoga, we’re yoga first. Our spiritual philosophy infuses every thing we do. Yoga makes our lives meaningful. Yoga reminds us we’re here to serve others. Yoga asks us to be joyful and invites us to play.

We answer the call through movement on our mats and throughout our world. We live fully, seek adventure, and make new friends. The practice of yoga is one of connection, and it’s through adventure travel that we connect to others and to self.  

Surfing and the outdoor activities on Baja Surf Yoga retreats are rooted in lila, a Sanskrit term for ‘divine play.’ Just as the gods created this world, so do we create ours in each and every moment. We see things as we are. When we’re attuned to the divine within us, our outer world appears as heaven on earth.  

Let’s explore…